Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How do you shop?

Every time I go with Mary to a store, especially if it is a grocery store, I am busy looking at what items I can turn it a fermented product. First I observe if apple cider is available and it is! So you hard cider fans should be keeping busy. Then I look to see what fruit is in stock. Can it be used in a beer, mead or wine. I love looking at all the hot peppers, think what kind of pepper beer I could make. Does anyone remember Ed's Cave Creek Chili Beer? Then as I go by the spices I always am thinking what metheglin mead I love to make. My mind goes racing by the cooking utensils and gadgets aisle. I wonder what item I can use with my brew system.You should see me behave in Bed,Bath, and Beyond! Sensory overload with all those items on their walls. So what is in your shopping cart?

1 comment:

  1. Love Ed's chili beer used to get it at Taco Pronto on western ave back in the day. Had a chili right inside the bottle ,yum.