Friday, February 17, 2012

Saratoga Beer Week

So what are you doing for Saratoga Beer Week? ( )

Originally, I had nothing planned, but as luck has it, I have been asked to do a home brewing demonstration at the City Tavern on THIS Saturday, February 25th at 6 pm.

City Tavern (third floor called "the apartment floor")
21 Caroline Street
Saratoga Springs, NY

We didn't know what to brew; maybe an English Mild or a Stout or maybe even a barley wine for Saratoga Beer Week 2013.  We settled on brewing a stout to be kegged and drank on St. Patrick's day.  Following the brewing demonstration will be plenty of real casked ale.

The second event I am now involved with is with the Prime at the Saratoga National.  Joel Jaffe from DeCresente Distributing Company asked for my help in creating a display of beer making ingredients. He has some malted grains and hops for people to see and appreciate. Plus I plan to give a one-gallon glass container of wort that has been inoculated with yeast. It should look like a miniature fermenting carboy! I have a beer that will be light in color, with a starting gravity around 1.050. By using a 11 gram package of Lallemand Windsor yeast with some yeast nutrient, this baby should be rocking for a couple days and then the krausen will drop just has quick, a good example of real beer fermenting.  I am just hoping somebody will enjoy seeing the process.

           I hope to see many friends visiting Saratoga Springs this up coming week!

Saratoga Zymurgist,
Reed Antis

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