Friday, March 2, 2012

Recipe, Recipe, Recipe

When trying to decide what recipe to use on your next batch of beer, one should be careful on what one sees on the Internet. Many recipes could be very old when the Internet was young, like home brewing. First see what volume they are creating, second what is your starting gravity, and thirdly how much information on the hops, including the hop schedule. Look to see if they are using brands of malt extract that the manufacturer is still in business or a brand you cannot find at your LHBS. Does the crystal malt have a degree of Lovibond? Are they using trademark name for the malt you need to use. Briess markets a dextrin malt called CaraPils. Dingemans used to label their crystal malt Caravienna and Caramunich, now they are called Cara 20 and Cara 45 respectfully. Debittered black malt is sold by Weyermann's has their Cara Special.  Is the yeast they suggested a brand you can find or is something you can substitute with dry yeast or use a competing yeast company. Never assume, plan your next brew. You will glad you did.