Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Local Home Brew Shop Expands

The Saratoga Zymurgist came out of the ashes of The Wine Shoppe and The Hoppy Troll on June 13th, 2009. In February of 2009 the Hoppy Troll was closed down. After 4 months working with the the NYS Liquor Authority, I helped open the store and as you all know, we retail in a very tight space. The owner of my building has been impressed on how well the store has done; so much so, he is willing to expand my space. I can proudly announced that construction has started for the lengthening the building. It will as long as EBI. Our space will soon be over three times the size we are now.  Please follow us on FaceBook to see daily posting of pictures of the progress.
This blog will be my adventures as a Local Home Brew Store Owner. I will enjoy writing about the day to day events about the new expansion. If you read home brew forums, you will see this acronym LHBS; I am very proud to serve this area as a LHBSO.  Today the mason has starting digging into the asphalt. The decisions on how the store will be laid out looks quite challenging. We have been able to secure off Craigslist some nice shelving. We do plan to have an area for wine and beer making demonstrations. So stop on in and see the "before" before the after arrives!